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Strange Wifi Experience - The robin_nano35_cfg.txt allows you to configure your wifi

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So...I'm posting this as I figure someone will find it useful.

I got my printer today. Everything seemed fine except for the wifi. My Tycoon 3D Max came with firmware v2.0.3.1.

It has the old interface I learned. I could see my network when trying to browse wifi networks, but it only accepted 17 characters for the wifi password and my network has an 18 character long password.

I went ahead and updated the firmware to v2.1.0. I downloaded the wifi firmware as well but did not put it on the sd card, I figure I'd update the printer's firmware first and then the wifi firmware. I think this was mistake #1.

However, I then learned that the new wifi firmware makes you connect your PC or a device directly to it to configure.

Firmware v2.1.0 does not have a wifi configuration panel that you can set on the printer. Why? I have no clue. Kinda odd...and very bad. My desktop doesn't have wifi.

While poking around however, I noticed one thing...there's the file called robin_nano35_cfg.txt. In it there's a wifi section.

So I went ahead and downloaded V1.1.2. I configured the cfg file with my Wifi information. I also disabled the Cloud service btw, I don't want it connecting to some cloud I don't trust.

I held my breath, copied the files onto my sd card, turned on the printer...and like magic it worked. The interface is the older style but it's connected to my network.

I may try doing it again with the new firmware and put both the printer and wifi firmware on the sd card to update, but for now I'll just leave it as is as I want to print something!

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