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Noch kein Ausdruck geschafft

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Hallo zusammen, ich bin ein neuer Besitzer eines Tycoons Max, aber leider bekomme ich das Ding nicht zum Drucken. Er macht Autoleveling, aber dann fährt er mich immer noch in das Druckbett 🙁 Der erste Druck haftet überhaupt nicht und zieht die Fäden nur dünn über das gesamte Druckbett. Was mache ich falsch?

John Kes
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I hope you did X, Y, Z zero before Autolevel.  That sets system zero, but nozzle zero is different! That is Z Offset. If it is too much below zero, you will hit the print bed.  If it is not low enough, you will get threads all over the print bed. You might have to start a print before you can get to the setting screen with BabyStep.

There are YouTube videos to show you how to adjust.  When you are close, you can use auto-level.gcode to quickly try your settings. Adjust BabyStep then let it make a few squares to see.  You can stop if settings are not right.

Also, check that all screws are tight.  My Tycoon came with loose X-axis motor shaft screws. My prints kept shifting one way then the other as it built up.