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new owner with big issues

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I just went through a process of trying out two in a row failed voxlab Aries printers and then saw this one and now am regretting it also. after the first day I find: 

1) the wifi is not a finished product for v2.0!!!

2) I am encountering a problem where the z-axis is crashing into the bed and never maintains calibration!! ouch!!


I am not un experienced with this sort of deivce, and it is just .. ' un-finished'. I ahave not recevd any direct support from my tickets to kywoo3d and am about to return this wonderful un functional printer and get a ender 5 or somthing like that. damn


convince me to keep at this and inform me how to solver the above issues.

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regarding 2): 
I have the same issue, it seems that sometimes the BLtouch does not extend which leads to the nozzle scratching the heatbed. This happens when homing or leveling. 
Any ideas ? 

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