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Usb connecting issue

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Whenever I plug a usb cable into my Kywoo Tycoon Max with firmware 2.01 I can see that the usb cable is connected (I can see a device on the other end) The moment I send any command over it the printer shutsdown and restarts. What I'm trying to do is get this to work with Octoprint. Any ideas on how to fix this? Why is it restarting whenever I try to connect and send a comand?

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Same problem with the standard Tycoon. Im trying to use Pronterface on version 2.01. Connecting the printer restarts it and doesnt communicate. rip


I have the same problem. I bought the Automatic Shutdown Module and installed it together with de firmware that supports it. When I plug in the USB cable and start octoprint the printer performs a reset and this causes the Automatic Shutdown Module to shut off the power. I mailed this problem to Kywoo, but so far they offer no solution.

I looked at the firmware and noticed that it is a Robin Nano version. The Robin Nano boards are made by Makerbase so I concluded that the mainboard is compatible with the Robin Nano boards. I downloaded the schematic of the Robin Nano boards and found that the USB/RS232 interface, the CH340C chip, has the DTR* signal connected to the RESET of the microcontroller. So when the interface initialises (start the USB communication) it pulls down the DTR* signal and there is the reset.

I found on the internet that this is an inheritance from Arduino. This is used to load new firmware in to the board. As far as I can see there should be no problem cutting the DTR* pin of the chip. But I asked the Kywoo engineers to confirm this. So far no answer.