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Xtender Multifunction Inverter Range
The Studer hybrid converter from Xtender is the epitome of the Swiss quality standard in power electronics. Solar inverters of the Xtender series are characterized by impressive strength characteristics and extensive functionality.
Variety of models: XTS - low power representatives, XTM - medium power models, XTN - high power inverters.
Inverters Xtender
Xtender power ranges: XTS - 0.9-1.4 kW, XTM - 1.5-4 kW, XTN - 3-8 kW. Output voltage - 230 W, frequency - 50 Hz
Each Xtender hybrid converter series has the following features and options:
pure sine wave feed;
"mixing" power to the network from the battery;
when the mains voltage decreases, the consumption from the central power supply is reduced;
two priority selection modes: the first is “soft” with mains supply within 10%, the second is full switching to the battery;
variety of installer settings;
management of the standby generator;
standby mode with a wide range of regulation;
remote monitoring of system parameters.
All modifications have the Smart Boost function - connection to different "suppliers" of power (generator set, grid inverter) and Power Shaving - guaranteed coverage of peak loads.